Flowers for All Occasions

The practice of gifting flowers goes back thousands of years. However, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that the practice really flourished. During this period, it was considered inappropriate to express any emotions. Instead, people used flowers to show how they feel. Over the years, certain flowers became associated with certain emotions and meanings. Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist prides itself on its vast knowledge of flower arrangement. Using different types, colors, and textures of flowers, we can craft a beautiful bouquet of flowers for all occasions.

Flowers for Expressing Love and Romance
Red is the color most associated with love and flowers in this color will be suitable for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. If you are just starting in your relationship, then pink flowers will probably be more appropriate. As the relationship develops, you may want to gift flowers in deep oranges and lavenders to express passion and romance.

Flowers for a New Baby
Having a baby is a major event which deserves celebration. Show your joy and appreciation for the mother by sending flowers. Traditionally, pastel and light-colored flowers are sent for a new baby, such as pink and white roses and carnations. Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist also offers many arrangements specifically for baby boys and baby girls. You can also add balloons to your flower order to really brighten up the room.

Flowers to Say “Get Well”
When someone is sick, sending flowers is a great way to help the person feel better and express your hopes of a speedy recovery. Choose bouquets which have brightly colored flowers with large blooms, such as yellow sunflowers or Gerber daisies. Lavender flowers like chrysanthemums and asters are also very cheerful.

Flowers to Say “I’m Sorry”
After having a falling out or fight, sending flowers is a great way to show that you are truly sorry. Just about any romantic bouquet of flowers will usually get the message across. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when choosing “I’m sorry” flowers. First, try to personalize the flowers as much as possible. Choosing a bouquet in her favorite color or with her favorite flower will make the apology go over much better than opting for the traditional styles of bouquets. Secondly, don’t forget to write a message! When you order flowers online from Rosies & Posies Santa Clara, you will be given an opportunity to personalize the message on the card.

Flowers for Celebrations and Congratulations
When choosing flowers for celebratory occasions, like birthdays and graduations, the bouquet should look impressive. Pick large bouquets with brightly colored flowers. Even if your budget is limited, you can still get an impressive bouquet by opting for flowers like colorful Gerber daisies and sunflowers.

Flowers for Showing Appreciation and Thanks
Flowers are a great way to show how much you appreciate what someone has done for you. Because they are associated with love and romance, it is generally best to avoid red flowers, especially red roses. Instead, opt for modern bouquets or exotic flowers in stylish arrangements. Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist also offers many potted plants which are great for showing appreciation.

We Can Craft a Bouquet of Flowers for All Occasions
If you aren’t sure which flowers are best for your unique occasion, just call us. Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist prides itself on its customer service. We will listen to your description of the occasion and the recipient. Then we will recommend some bouquets or can handcraft a custom bouquet specifically for the special someone. All bouquets from Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist are fresh and artistically arranged so they are sure to make the recipient happy.