Funeral Flowers

The practice of sending flowers to funerals is a tradition which is deeply rooted in our history and spans many cultures. While the practice may have originated out of practical concerns, it has developed into a very valuable tool in helping families deal with grief.

The Importance of Flowers at a Funeral
The most important role of funeral flowers is to express emotions and sympathies. An arrangement of flowers can often say much more than words alone. For a grieving family, a beautiful casket spray can show their deep respect for the departed. Mourners can send funeral wreaths and baskets to show their support to the grieving family.

There is also an important psychological aspect of funeral flowers which goes beyond just the expressing of sympathies. Flowers add to the overall atmosphere of the funeral, creating an aura of dignity. When people look back on the funeral, they will remember the funeral flowers and feel consoled.

Rosies & Posies Santa Clara understands that funerals are a trying time and we promise to do our best to help you find the right funeral flowers to express your respect of the deceased and sympathies for the grieving family. Our funeral flowers include full and half-casket sprays, funeral wreaths, funeral crosses, and funeral flower baskets.

Flowers for Grieving Families
Grief doesn’t end when the funeral is over. For this reason, many people are choosing to show their sympathies and support for grieving families by sending flowers to their home. Traditional sympathy flowers include white roses, lilacs, mums, chrysanthemums, and lilies. To help support the grieving survivors through this hard time, Rosies & Posies Santa Clara also offers many food gift baskets.

What Flowers are Appropriate for Funerals?
At Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist, many grieving people often ask us what flowers are appropriate for a funeral or to send to a grieving family. It is important to remember that there is no “right” way to show grief and the many other emotions you are experiencing during this time. If your loved one had a favorite flower or color and you wish to use this flower in the funeral floral arrangements, then do so – even if it means breaking with traditional guidelines. It is also perfectly acceptable to send bouquets of brightly colored flowers to the homes of grieving families after the funeral to give them a message of hope.

If you are unsure about which flowers to send for a funeral, select one of the sympathy bouquets or arrangements from the Rosies & Posies website. Or, you can contact us directly and our expert florists will respectfully answer your questions and provide you with suggestions. We can also craft custom funeral flower displays based on your requests.

What about situations in which the family asks for donations in lieu of flowers? In this situation, it is still acceptable to send the grieving family a bouquet of flowers to show your sympathies. The flowers will last long after the funeral service has ended and serve as a welcome reminder of how much you care.

You Can Trust Us During this Trying Time
When you have a funeral to plan and so many complex emotions to deal with, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the funeral flowers will arrive on time. Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florist strives to make the process of ordering funeral flowers as easy as possible for you. We respectfully listen to your wishes, help you make any necessary decisions, and ensure that the flowers arrive at your funeral home at the necessary time.