Valentines Day

If you are looking for the perfect way to show your love on Valentine’s Day, there is no better way than with a bouquet of flowers. We here at Rosies & Posies Santa Clara have over 20 years of experience in creating exquisite Valentine’s Day bouquets. Come to our San Francisco Bay Area florist and pick up a beautiful bouquet or just call and we will deliver the Valentine’s Day flowers to your loved one.

Helping You Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers
When it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, roses are what usually come to mind. For a classic, romantic gesture, than a dozen long-stemmed red roses might be the perfect way to declare your love, but there are also many other ways that you can use flowers to show your love.

Flowers like orchids, tulips, daisies, carnations, irises, and gardenias are becoming increasingly popular for Valentine’s Day bouquets. Choosing these flowers for Valentine’s Day over traditional roses can show that you appreciate the uniqueness of your relationship. The expert Rosies & Posies Santa Clara florists can create a romantic arrangement around any type of flower, so there are no limitations in the type of flower you must choose for Valentine’s Day.

Along with the type of flower for Valentine’s Day, Rosie’s & Posies Santa Clara florists will help you pick the right color of flowers. Color has a strong impact on our emotions, Santa Clara it is no wonder that flower colors have become associated with certain meanings. Valentine’s Day roses have come to bear these meanings:

• Red Roses: Represent love and romance; a grand way of saying “I love you”.
• Pink Roses: These elegant flowers are a great way to show your appreciation to someone. They can be romantic but, since they don’t evoke the passion of red roses, are suitable for friends and family members.
• White Roses: Originally it was white roses which represented pure love; now white roses are symbols of purity and unity. Choose a bouquet of red and white roses to represent the unity and true love of your relationship.
• Orange Roses: Represent passion and desire; perfect for a relationship which is just starting out.
• Yellow Roses: The warm color of yellow roses is sure to brighten someone’s day. They are a great choice for Valentine’s Day flowers for a good friend.
• Purple Roses: Purple has long been the color of royalty. These rare, exotic roses invoke feelings of love, romance, and mystery.

Every Bouquet Hand Crafted to Express Your Message
Whether you need a Valentine’s Day bouquet to symbolize the enduring love you have for your long-term spouse, to show your passion at the start of a new relationship, or to show how much you appreciate a loved one, Rosies & Posies Santa Clara will come up with the perfect solution.

All of our Valentine’s Day bouquets are created by floral artists. Each flower is hand-picked for freshness and quality. Your loved one will get nothing but the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. To help you tailor the Valentine’s Day flowers to your message, we also have many options for cards, vases and gift boxes.

Valentine’s Day is about showing your love. Let us help you convey the message with a stunning bouquet or floral arrangement.